Beginners Workshop

Work Shop type : Beginners (Online )

Session Duration : 1 hour

Sessions : 2

Price : 2500 INR

Certificate : 500/-

What you learn : One Day Workshop on Natural soap making for Beginners using the traditional cold process method. Create your own handmade soaps and learn to formulate various recipes using skin loving oils and choice of ingredients. This one day workshop provides an over view of cold process soap making for beginners who would like to make soap for the first time. All supplies and materials can be purchased from our supply store if you wish to. come enjoy and learn the art to do it for yourself, family & friends. Myscira offers this class on a one on one basis customized to your needs.

DETAILS OF COURSE :: Natural Cold Process Soap making for Beginners • Description : * History of soap making * Insight to different types of soap making * Basics of soap making * The most effective oils & butters to use in soap making * Safety Measures * How to use use soap calculator * How to formulate your own receipe. * Theory includes knowledge on oil infusion, natural colorant, difference between soft oils & hard oils, Clay's and their properties. * How to add Clays, fresh purees, essential oils, and other additives, uses of botanical colorants. * How to care for soaps after making

Advanced Workshop

Workshop Type: Advanced (Online )
Session Duration :
Sessions : 2
Price :4000 INR
Certificate : Free
What you learn : Together, we will take your natural cold process soaps into a whole new league by learning stunning new techniques and effects on the Soap School Advanced Cold Process Soap Making Course.   What's Covered and what will I learn to make Necessary materials, ingredients and equipment ,Advanced soap swirl designs including ,Spoon swirling & spoon Plop ,Faux Funnel swirls,Column pour & Linear swirl .Multi layering techniques ,ITMS & ITPS techniques ,Textured top ,Hanger swirl technique ,Designer toppings and effects,Cold process embedding effects

Group Workshop

Workshop type : Offline

Session Duration :

Sessions : 1

Minimum Members : 6

Price : 5000 INR (per person )

Certificate : Free

What you learn: Complete soap making class (beginners +Advanced )